Breaking down the New Tommy Novak Deal

Tommy Novak inked a 3-year deal worth 10.5 million dollars with the Nashville Predators earlier today, earning an annual salary of $3.5 million. This contract is a well-deserved reward for the homegrown, skilled offensive forward. 

Let’s take a look at some league-wide comparables to Novak, assess how their contracts stack up, and see if the Predators and Novak reached a fair agreement for both sides.

(26) Tommy Novak

  • His new deal has him making 3.5 million per year
  • Novak has averaged approximately 0.75 points per game with the Predators over the past two seasons.

(29) Chandler Stephenson

  • Is making 2.75 million per year
  • Averages 0.73 points per game over the past two seasons.

(28) Ivan Barbashev

  • Is making 5.0 million per year
  • Averages 0.61 points per game over the past two seasons.

(26) Pavel Zacha

  • Is making 4.75 million per year
  • Averages 0.66 points per game over the past two seasons.

(31) Phillip Danault

  • Is making 5.5 million per year
  • Averages 0.63 points per game over the past two seasons.

When you examine Novak’s comparables, almost all are earning over 4.75 million per year. On average, it totals precisely 4.5 million per season, which many assumed the Predators would need to offer him in order to keep him in Nashville. However, the Predators landed a bargain with the Novak contract. This might be due to Novak being in only his second full season in the NHL and already 27 years old, meaning he hasn’t had as much time to prove himself at this level compared to others on this list who have been full-time NHLers for over six years. Nonetheless, the Predators secured Novak for about a million dollars a year less than many thought they would have to pay to keep him in Nashville, and that’s something no Nashville fan should complain about.

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