Short Snapshots: The Will Levis Dilemma

As the NFL Draft progresses, it is not uncommon for unexpected things to happen. As of just one day ago, Will Levis was thought to be a potential Top 5 pick as he had become the Vegas betting favorite to go second overall. However, as the first round of the draft passed, Levis shockingly remained undrafted.

For many teams, trading up to draft a quarterback in the second round can be a tricky decision, but for the Tennessee Titans, it might be the perfect opportunity to solve their quarterback dilemma for the upcoming season and perhaps beyond.

Although some fans and may have been hesitant to draft Levis as a top pick in the draft, he still has the potential to develop into a very good game managing Quarterback, making him an excellent prospect for a second-round pick. If Levis is still available when the Titans are on the clock, or if it takes trading up in the second round to draft him, it might be wise to take a chance on him.

Looking ahead to the next season, it is uncertain what the Titans’ quarterback situation will look like. Ryan Tannehill will be 35 years old, and his time in Tennessee might be coming to an end. If Levis is drafted this season, he will have a year to learn from Tannehill and prepare himself for the starting role in the future, which would be very valuable for a player like Levis. He has proven himself to be a talented quarterback during his time at Kentucky, and being drafted in the second round while getting a chance to sit behind a veteran like Tannehill would be an excellent opportunity for him to continue his growth as a player. With no immediate pressure to perform as a starter, Levis could focus on learning and developing his skills, ultimately making him a more prepared Quarterback and a valuable asset for the Titans.

Moreover, and perhaps most important, drafting Levis would solve the Titans’ quarterback issues for next season. By having a young and talented quarterback like Levis on his rookie contract, the Titans could allocate their resources to other areas of need on the team.

The decision to draft Will Levis in the second round might be the best move for the Tennessee Titans. By drafting him, the Titans could solve their quarterback issues for the upcoming season while also securing a valuable asset for the future. Although Levis was not the top pick many expected him to be, he still has solid upside as a second-round pick, making him a worthy investment for any team looking for a quarterback of the future.

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