Leaked Patriots Johnny Manziel Scouting Report

kxzwjpxehrt2tdxicso8┬áThe Leaked Scouting Report of Johnny Manziel from the patriots surprised many people. Was this supposed to be the future of the Patriots? Were they going to dump Brady and let Manziel Take the reigns? Well We will never know now,Manziel who is a Free Agent just got Suspended the first 4 games of the NFL season is hoping to get a fresh, but different start. The AFL (Arena Football League) is interested in the troublemaker Manziel for a plethora of reasons,1. Johnny ”Football” was the most explosive player in College Football in over 20 years 2.He would have made a great NFL starter if not for his horrific attitude on and off the field 3. So the AFL assumes that if Manziel would have made a great starter in the NFL that he would sure do wonders for the team that snatches him up in the Arena League. I think that the Arena League would be a Good move for Manziel. If he puts up decent┬ánumbers and stays out of trouble , one day we could hear Johnny Manziel’s name called on Sunday once again?

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