Top Unsigned High School Players for the 2020 JUCO Class:

DaMarco Watson      6’3″       PG/SG                                                                                        Eagle Academy   Bronx, NY

  • 30 Points Per Game
  • 5.5 Assist Per Game
  • 7.1 Rebounds Per Game
  • 3.2 Steals Per Game
  • 54% Field Goal Percentage
  • 4th in the Nation in Free Throws Made


Marquise Johnson       6’4″     PF/C                                                                                        Wade Christian Academy   Melbourne, FL

  • 14.7 Points Per Game
  • 18 Rebounds Per Game
  • 1.8 Assist Per Game
  • 2.4 Steals Per Game
  • 54% Field Goal Percentage
  • 1st in the Nation in Rebounds Per Game
  • Leads Nation with 24 Double-Doubles



Chase Mebane       6’7″     PF/W                                                                                                River Mill Academy     Graham Academy,  NC

  • 30 Points Per Game
  • 10.2 Rebounds Per Game
  • 2.6 Assist Per Game
  • 2.6 Blocks Per Game
  • 70% Field Goal  Percentage
  • 9 Double-Doubles in all 9 games played



Eddie Brown      6’1″       PG/SG                                                                                                Lighthouse Private Christian Academy   Pensacola, FL

  • 38.5 Points Per Game
  • 3.5 Assist Per Game
  • 3.4 Rebounds Per Game
  • 3 Steals Per Game
  • 48% Field Goal Percentage
  • 77% Free Throw Percentage
  • 67 Three-Pointers made in 18 Games



Davaun Perkins       6’0″     SG/SF                                                                                            Leggett High School     Leggett, TX

  • 32 Points Per Game
  • 11.1 Rebounds Per Game
  • 5.3 Steals Per Game
  • 3.2 Assist Per Game
  • 55% Field Goal Percentage
  • 42% Three-Point Percentage
  • 18 Double-Doubles in 22 Games Played



David Layton (Junior Season Stats)    5’8″    PG/SG                                                        Oak Ridge High School     Oak Ridge,  MO

  •  34.9 Points Per Game
  • 8.5 Rebounds Per Game
  • 5.7 Assist Per Game
  • 4.7 Steals Per Game
  • 51% Field Goal Percentage
  • 14 Double-Doubles in 27 Games



Cantia Rahming        6’5″        PF/W                                                                                        Hillsborough High School     Tampa, FL

  • 23.9 Points Per Game
  • 17.6 Rebounds Per Game
  • 3.4 Steals Per Game
  • 1.6 Assist Per Game
  • 15 Double-Doubles in 16 Games



Jontae Brison    6’6″       SG/PG

  • 23.3 Points Per Game
  • 8.4 Assist Per Game
  • 5.7 Steals Per Game
  • 4.9 Rebounds Per Game
  • 48% Field Goal Percentage
  • 50% Three-Point Percentage
  • 79% Free Throw Percentage


  • Landon Wallace
  • Michael Forbes Jr.
  • Donovan Shipp
  • Omari Robinson
  • James Stultz







NCAA Basketball National Championship Prediction:

Most everyone thinks that Villanova is going to most likely win this game, so did I, but based on my “prediction formula” that I use for almost all of my predictions the outcome was something I did not expect.

Villanova Can be Beat:

The teams that have beaten Villanova this season all have one thing in common, they forced Villanova to get physical and abandon the 3 point shot, this is the key to beating Villanova and if Michigan can score consistently and keep Villanova away from the foul line they just might have a shot.


Gabes Upset Keys:

  • Stay Clean- Keep out of foul trouble and don’t let Villanova get to the charity stripe
  • Protect the Perimeter- If Michigan can hold Villanova under 10 three-pointers in the game, they will have a fairly decent shot at pulling off the upset.
  • Be Consistent-  The biggest key to beating Villanova is to shoot over 48%  from the floor, you just have to score and keep on scoring.


Final Score:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Michigan: 73                                                                                                                            Villanova: 72


WKU vs UAB 1/18/18

The red hot Hilltoppers (13-5) are at home today against the UAB Blazers  (13-5).

The Hilltoppers who are tied for first place in CUSA with the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders , will face a tough opponent today at home in Diddle arena. The UAB Blazers are third in CUSA sitting right behind Western Kentucky and Midd. Tennessee. Western, who are unbeaten in conference play, finally get to fully unleash Moustapha Diagne. The four star transfer from Syracuse has played the last two games but has been held to under 17 minutes playing time in both, but should be getting a more extensive role in the game tonight.


WKU: 77                                                                                                                              UAB: 73

Oregon VS UCONN Prediction:






Tonight we will witness a “Battle of the Unbeatens”. It’s most likely going to result in a shootout but we might see a few defensive plays every now and again, especially from freshman Kenny Wooten who leads the PAC-12 in blocks per game.

Impact Players:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ORE: Troy Brown,  The Five Star freshman for Oregon leads the team in points per game and rebounds per game and has become a very important part of the Oregon team.

ORE: Payton Pritchard is the heart and soul of this Oregon team, he leads the team in assist per game and gives this Oregon team a confidence boost every time he is on the floor.

ORE: Kenny Wooten leads the PAC-12 in Blocks per game and is a key component to this Oregon Defense.


UCONN: Terry Larrier leads the Huskies in Points per game, and is 3rd on the Team in assist per game and 3rd in rebounds per game.

UCONN: Jalen Adams is second on the team in points per game and Second on the team in rebounds per game, some fans might say he is the “Swiss Army” knife on this Huskies basketball team.


Oregon: 88                                                                                                                                UCONN: 72

March Madness Update Predictions 3/21/17

  • West Virginia Beats Gonzaga: Gonzaga won’t be able to rack up enough points against the #1 Defense in College Basketball.
  • Oregon Beats Michigan: Oregon Will be able to beat the hottest Team in Basketball due to Oregon’s Experience.
  • Kansas Beats Purdue: Purdue Just won’t be able to Handle Kansas.
  • Arizona Beats Xavier: Arizona is One of the Best Defensive Teams in the Nation going up against the Injury Plagued Musketeers.
  • North Carolina Beats Butler: This will be a Close Game, #UpsetAlert??? I’m still calling NC.
  • UCLA Beats Kentucky: Kentucky won’t be able to handle the Bruins who Smoked them in the regular season.
  • Baylor Beats South Carolina: SC has been a surprise up to this point, but Baylor is too good on either side of the ball, SC won’t be able to hang with the Bears.
  • Wisconsin Beats Florida: Wisconsin is very Hot right now and Florida won’t be able to contain that fast pace play from the Badgers.