Super Bowl LII Prediction

Eagles: 35

Patriots: 24


In 2015 Doug Pederson was the Offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs when they faced Tom Brady and the Patriots. They ended up steamrolling over the Patriots 41 to 14 in a home win, Alex Smith had 248 Yards and 3 touchdowns on the night with 2 touchdowns coming from running back screens to Jamaal Charles. Pederson’s offense also had over 200+ yards rushing against the Patriots defense that game.  So if Pederson can model that same gameplan against the Patriots again today they have a very good chance of beating the Patriots in Super Bowl 52.


Things to Watch for:

  • Can the Eagles get Pressure on Tom Brady?
  • Can The Eagles get the running game going (3rd best in NFL) with former Patriot superstar LeGarrette Blount and powerhouse Jay Ajayi?
  • Can the Patriots get their 10th Ranked rushing attack going against the league-best Eagles rush defense?
  • Tom Brady VS The Eagles Secondary
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