My AFL All-Star Defensive Lineup:

Defensive Lineman:                                                                                                             1. Sean Daniels: #55 Philadelphia                                                                               Daniels was Second in the league in sacks (9.5), and was fourth in the league in tackles for loss (8). He also a 3 forced fumbles on the season.

2. Darryl Cato-Bishop: #3 Cleveland                                                                         Bishop is first in the AFL in Forced Fumbles (5), tied for sixth in sacks (6), and Sixth in tackles for loss (5).

3. Khreem Smith: #58 Baltimore                                                                                 Smith was third in tackles for loss (9), and third in sacks (9). He also has 2 forced fumbles on the season.


Linebackers:                                                                                                                             1. Beau Bell: #2 Philadelphia                                                                                         Bell is first in the AFL in sacks (10), first in the AFL in tackles for loss (12)

2. Alvin Ray Jackson: #16 Tampa Bay                                                                       Jackson is first in the AFL in Assisted tackles (18), tied for third in interceptions (4), and first in fumble recoveries (4).


Defensive Backs:                                                                                                                   1. James Romain: #25 Philadelphia                                                                           Romain is first in the AFL in pass breakups (21), tied second in interceptions (5), and third in forced fumbles (3). Romain also has 5 tackles for loss.

2. Dwayne Hollis: #22 Philadelphia                                                                           Hollis leads the AFL in interceptions (7),is second in Fumble recoveries (3) ,and second it total tackles (69).

3.  Tracy Belton: #6 Washington                                                                                   Belton is tied second in the AFL in interceptions (5), and fifth in total tackles.


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