Jamie Collins Sr. Was Wanted by Browns in the 2013 NFL Draft & Collins Moving to Safety?

Jamie Collins was wanted by the Cleveland Browns (current team) in the 2013 NFL Draft. If the Browns were successful in drafting Collins in the 2013 Draft, it could have helped secure their front 7, and maybe helped them have some better defensive snaps over the past few years.

News out of Cleveland is that Collins Sr.  is begging coaches to move him to Free Safety. Collins has the speed (4.59) to play safety, he also has 5 interceptions and 16 pass deflections in his career. Those stats are almost exactly identical to Safety Kenny Vaccaro who was drafted in the same year as Jamie Collins. Though it is very unlikely that Collins Sr. will play safety, it’s just scary to think about a speedy 6’3” 250lbs Free Safety in the Browns secondary.



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