Titans First Preseason Game: Top Things to Look For


  • Starting Corner Position: A’doree Jackson will look to beat out Leshaun Sims as the starting corner beside Logan Ryan. With a strong performance this preseason, Jackson could secure that starting corner role in his rookie season with the Titans.                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • New Wide Receivers: In the off season the Titans accumulated some tremendous talent at receiver. The addition of veteran receiver Eric Decker will help the titans in the red zone and will be a true slot receiver, something the Titans haven’t had in awhile. They also drafted Corey Davis 5th overall, Davis can do it all; he’s big, fast, and physical.  We will just have to wait and see how the Titans utilize these new receiving threats.                                                                                                                              


Patrick Mahomes Preview/Predictions:

The electric rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes III will take the field today versus the 49’ers defense in the Chiefs first preseason game. He is just one of the many anticipated rookie quarterbacks this NFL season, and we will be exited to watch him ball out versus the 49’ers defense later on tonight.

My Predictions:                                                                                                                     Passing Yards: 150 yards                                                                                                 Passing Touchdowns: 1 TD                                                                                             Interception(s): 1 INT                                                                                                         Rushing Yards: 25 yards

Texans VS Panthers: Preseason Preview


As the first week of the NFL preseason is underway we will be taking a look at the week 1 match up that has two of the top defensive teams in all the NFL.

Top 5 things to look for:

  • Christian McCafferys Impact: McCaffery will be in the starting rotation in the regular season for the Panthers, used mostly as a 3rd down or long yardage back. I will be looking to see how much impact he has on the game and what role he has in the panthers offense.


  •  Texans Rookies: The Texans came out of the NFL draft in good shape picking up some good talent including, will take on the Texans  Deshaun Watson, D’onta Foreman and Zach Cunningham. I will be wanting to see what impact these players have as the game wears on.                                                                                                           Some Questions to ask about the Texans Rookies:
  • Will Foreman get going?
  • Will Cunningham have a Impact at Linebacker?
  • Will Deshaun Watson have solid NFl debut?


  • How will the Panthers handle NO Cam Newton?                                   Cam Newton will not be playing today, so for the majority of the first half the Panthers Starting offense will take on the Texans starting Defense without star QB Cam Newton leading the team. Will the Panthers resort to a run heavy start to the game, or let their backup(s) come out slinging?


  • J.J. Watt/Jadeveon Clowney:                                                                           These two Texans superstars wont get much playing time, but it will be interesting to see how much disruption they cause in those 10-15 minutes they have on the field together.


  • Joe Webb:                                                                                                                           The Mobile Veteran Webb is one of the most mobile quarterbacks in the NFL, the Panthers third string QB will look to energize and excite the Panthers crowd with his flashy play style and quick feet. Look for Webb to put on a show tonight.


My Score Prediction:                                                                                              Texans: 24                                                                                                                 Panthers: 21

My AFL All-Star Defensive Lineup:

Defensive Lineman:                                                                                                             1. Sean Daniels: #55 Philadelphia                                                                               Daniels was Second in the league in sacks (9.5), and was fourth in the league in tackles for loss (8). He also a 3 forced fumbles on the season.

2. Darryl Cato-Bishop: #3 Cleveland                                                                         Bishop is first in the AFL in Forced Fumbles (5), tied for sixth in sacks (6), and Sixth in tackles for loss (5).

3. Khreem Smith: #58 Baltimore                                                                                 Smith was third in tackles for loss (9), and third in sacks (9). He also has 2 forced fumbles on the season.


Linebackers:                                                                                                                             1. Beau Bell: #2 Philadelphia                                                                                         Bell is first in the AFL in sacks (10), first in the AFL in tackles for loss (12)

2. Alvin Ray Jackson: #16 Tampa Bay                                                                       Jackson is first in the AFL in Assisted tackles (18), tied for third in interceptions (4), and first in fumble recoveries (4).


Defensive Backs:                                                                                                                   1. James Romain: #25 Philadelphia                                                                           Romain is first in the AFL in pass breakups (21), tied second in interceptions (5), and third in forced fumbles (3). Romain also has 5 tackles for loss.

2. Dwayne Hollis: #22 Philadelphia                                                                           Hollis leads the AFL in interceptions (7),is second in Fumble recoveries (3) ,and second it total tackles (69).

3.  Tracy Belton: #6 Washington                                                                                   Belton is tied second in the AFL in interceptions (5), and fifth in total tackles.


My AFL All-Star Offensive Lineup:

Quarterback:    Randy Hippeard: #12 Tampa Bay                                             Hippeard lead the AFL in passing yards (3,461) and Completion Percentage (66.9), and was second in passing touchdowns (80).


Running Back:    Mykel Benson: #9 Philadelphia                                             Benson was league leader in almost every rushing statistic there was, including yards(259) , touchdowns(21) , and attempts(100) .


Wide Receivers:                                                                                                                 1. Joe Hills: #81 Tampa Bay                                                                                             Hills lead the AFL in receiving yards (1255) and receiving touchdowns (35).

2. Quentin Sims #18 Cleveland                                                                                     Despite playing 9 games this season, Sims put up some impressive numbers. He was the league leader in yards per game (119.0) and was second in touchdowns per game (2.7), only behind Joe Hills. Sims is also one of only four receivers to amass over one thousand yards on the season so far.

3. Darius Reynolds: #7 Philadelphia                                                                           Reynolds is arguably the flashiest receiver in the AFL.  Reynolds is second in receiving yards (1168), second in yards per catch (15.2), and second in touchdown receptions (33).

AFL Stats:

Cleveland   Gladiators:  5-9                                                                           Rushing Yards Per Game: 29.5 (First in AFL)                                                       Passing Yards Per Game: 252.1 (Second in AFL)                                               Total Yards Per Game: 281.6 (First in AFL)                                                           Yards Per Play: 6.7 (Second in AFL)                                                                           Points Per Game: 49.7 (Third in AFL)


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Philadelphia Soul: 12-1                                                                                                   Rushing Yards Per Game: 20.8 (Third in AFL)                                           Passing Yards Per Game: 235.8 (Fourth in AFL)                                           Total Yards Per Game: 256.7 (Fourth in AFL)                                                   Yards Per Play: 7.2 (First in AFL)                                                                                 Points Per Game: 59.7 (First in AFL)


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Washington Valor:  2-11                                                                                                 Rushing Yards Per Game: 25.1 (Second in AFL)                                           Passing Yards Per Game: 223.7  (Last in AFL)                                           Total Yards Per Game: 248.8 (Last in AFL)                                                   Yards Per Play: 6.2 (T-Last in AFL)                                                                               Points Per Game: 40.8 (Last in AFL)


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Baltimore Brigade: 4-9                                                                                                       Rushing Yards Per Game: 12.2 (Last in AFL)                                           Passing Yards Per Game: 247.6 (Third in AFL)                                           Total Yards Per Game: 259.8 (Third in AFL)                                                   Yards Per Play: 6.2 (T-Last in AFL)                                                                               Points Per Game: 45.2 (Fourth in AFL)


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tampa Bay Storm: 10-3                                                                                                     Rushing Yards Per Game: 16.0 (Fourth in AFL)                                           Passing Yards Per Game: 257.4 (First in AFL)                                           Total Yards Per Game: 273.4 (Second in AFL)                                                   Yards Per Play: 6.4 (Third in AFL)                                                                                 Points Per Game: 52.5 (Second in AFL)


AFL Standings:                                                                                                                       1. Philadelphia Soul  12-1                                                                                                 2. Tampa Bay Storm: 10-3                                                                                                 3. Cleveland Gladiators: 5-9                                                                                           4. Baltimore Brigade: 4-9                                                                                                 5.  Washington Valor: 2-11

IFL and AFL: The Hottest Sport this Summer

The AFL and the IFL are the hottest new Sport in the football world. The IFL/AFL is a 8 on 8 fast paced high scoring form of football.

The AFL (Arena Football League) is make up of 5 Teams, and the            IFL (Indoor Football League) is made up of 10 teams.

Played on a 50 yard field this game allows for more scoring and a faster game flow, which in turn makes for a more exiting football experience.

  • AFL Website: http://www.arenafootball.com/
  • IFL Website:  http://www.goifl.com/landing/index