Can the Jets Make The Playoffs?






The Jets sitting at 3-7 are currently 2 games back from second place in the AFC East behind the 4-5 Bills, the 5-4 Dolphins and the 7-2 Patriots.  Lets take a look at if the Jets still have a Playoff hope.

So lets assume that the Jets win out: They would be 9-7, which means, if they want that second place seed they would need some help from the Bills and Dolphins as well. The Bills (in order to go 8-8) would have to lose at least 3 of there 8 remaining games, and the Dolphins would have to lose 4 of there 8 remaining games (and remember this is riding on the assumption that the Jets Win out). So the Jets in there upcoming schedule would have to beat the Patriots twice, and the division rivals Dolphins and Bills once, which would mean that the Jets would be 2-0 versus the Bills and 1-1 against the Dolphins.

Lets look Back: The Jets should be 6-4 (second in the AFC East) they blew a last minute lead over the Dolphins to lose the game 23-27, they also were delt a crushing blow in there week one loss to Cincinnati 23-24, and just last week they lost 6-9 in one of the wort NFL games yet. So if you want to look at it this way, the Jets are already are second in the AFC East.

So the Jets Wining Out and the Dolphins and Bills suffering defeat Four or Six times out of there Eight reaming  games  is highly unlikely. So it looks like us Jets fans are just going to have to suffer another Year.

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